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Readers Write

Dear Julia, Your book is stunning, absolutely stunning!  Your honesty and courage are most impressive!  The beautiful way you loved, entertained, and educated your children in the midst of so much agony was truly amazing.  What a glorious escape and recovery you made! I think Little Texas Sweetheart  should be required reading for young women and young men.   Natalie (Maryland)

I finished reading Little Texas Sweetheart  and I really liked it! I alternately cheered you on with each little victory you made, cried when you had set-backs, and just shook my head at the way Ronald treated you. I’m glad to know you’re now in a better relationship and in a nice city.  BTW, what did your mother mean when she called Ronald “His Assery”? His sorry ass?  Mary (California)

Hi Mary, Thanks for reading the book! I will never know for sure what my Mom meant by the term, but I know she always despised him, smart woman! I think you have a pretty good translation. I am now actively speaking at women’s shelters, to women’s groups and even at women’s prisons and to high school classes. I am so glad that I can spread the word of hope for a better life to women trapped in situations similar to the one I was in. Please let others know about the book. Thanks again. Julia Chadwell, A

Little Texas Sweetheart was excellent.  I couldn’t help thinking how so many of us young girls at 18 could have ended up like Julia.  What did we know of the world, or ‘sex’–especially if we followed our Mother’s example of waiting on their husband–making him the center of their world. This book is for ALL young girls.  Do they have ‘domestic violence’ classes in schools these days? I am so proud of Julia, with her renewed faith in God, finding inner peace and beating the odds.  Ida (California)

Lucky to be alive doesn’t begin to cover it.  … Against all odds she made the most of what she had at any given moment along the bumpy and riveting ride, be that a treadle sewing machine, a rickety old flivver, or the kindness of strangers.  So many don’t escape, let alone live to tell the tale in such vivid and eloquent technicolor!  D.T. (Texas)

I came straight home yesterday after purchasing the book and started reading your book.  I read straight through ‘until 3:00 am, woke up and finished the last five chapters today.  …You have come such a long way…I believe that reading your book has helped me to tie up more loose ends  in my heart and mind.  S. W.  (California)

I purchased Julia’s book on Easter and began reading it that afternoon.  I finished reading it Monday. What a powerful story!  It will be so encouraging for any woman trying to survive domestic violence.  P. T.  (California)

Julia’s book is riveting!  We can draw encouragement from her example.  N.S. (California)

 I just finished the book – I really could not put it down even though I knew what the outcome would be!  What a life you had!  L.  (Iowa)

I just have to tell you that your book is wonderful.  If I could be with you right now, I would give you a big hug.  Thank you for telling this amazing story.  R. B. (California)

This is really a good book to have in our library.  I think it is going to be used quite a bit.  V.B.  (Texas)

May I say, it grabbed attention right from the start and didn’t let go, even though I knew how it ended, I cheered at escape attempts I knew were too soon to be successful.  I lamented each new move to each new city/state/country, just when things were starting to work out.  Amazing, just amazing!  D.T.  (Texas)

All I can say is that you are a remarkable person to have survived that period of your life and then gone on to be the person you are today.  
Your faith must have been strong.  B. H.  (Florida)

What an amazing story, very inspirational, very honest!  I hope it will be made into a movie. It will help others. A. H. (California)

Julia, I just finished your book which I almost read non-stop. The only thing braver than enduring your 19 years is sharing it  …. Hoping you write another book about something that interests you because your talent as a writer is evident.  P.H. (Texas)  

Hi Julia!  I finally had a chance to read your book. I started it yesterday and I couldn’t put it down. I love the way it is written. I couldn’t believe all the things you have experienced both good and bad. It seems like these events you only see in the movies. All I can say is “wow!” However, I am still very amazed that you are so vibrant and joyous and so full of life despite what you have gone through. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you and had a chance to hear your story and also thank you for the copy. I will definitely persuade my mom to read it. To endorse it and advertise it to other people. It is a must read… Thank you again.  Franchette Padrigon

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